Batching support for Upload in Offline scenerio for Oracle database


  • Hi i am developing the ocassionaly connected application with data sync capabality with the centeral oracle server.

    Hi i  am developing the occasionally connected application with data sync capability with the central oracle server. I am using the SQLCE as client side datastore & oracle as server side datastore with N-tier architecture with WCF service .
    Question 1 :Can i use the SQL express as the local side data store & is there any automatic schema creation support provided in the MSF2.0?
    Question 2 : With the RelationalSyncProvider  in collaboration mode , client can upload the data to server ( SQL<-->SQL )  , I wish to know  can I upload data from the client  with Oracle database as backend  in the Offline mode ? I guess not , I still need to use the generic DbServersyncProvider & i cannot take the advantage of memory based batching features for the upload from the client , please confirm.

    Question 3 : How can i take take the advantage of the memory based batching support with SQLCe ( Client side)  oracle backend  ( Server Side) with  N-Tier Architecture ?Is there any way to do that ?

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  • Sorry for the late reply.

    If you use DbSyncProvider on the Oracle side and SqlSyncProvider on the SQL Express side, I think you can achieve all the 3 things you are thinking of.
    Of course if you are going to have a SQLCE client, then you need to use the SqlCeSyncProvider for that client.
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