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  • Hi,


    I´m working in a BHO/ Toolbar using ATL / C++ 


    The base of the project:

    Internet Explorer Toolbar (Deskband) Tutorial -> Motley Fool


    1- After installation how i put the band visible and the bho active(working) without interference of user click  (View\Toolbars\"My Band" )

    i tried this but it don´t work


    2 - How can i detected refresh page(LAST document complete)?

    i tried this but it don't work with me

    and this:

    void STDMETHODCALLTYPE CStockBar::OnDocumentComplete(IDispatch *pDisp, VARIANT *pvarURL){

     if (spTempWebBrowser && m_spWebBrowser && m_spWebBrowser.IsEqualObject(spTempWebBrowser))


     //Work only in a normal page.



    and this too:

    3 - The Event DISPID_TITLECHANGE don´t work on Internet Explorer 8?

    SINK_ENTRY_EX(1, DIID_DWebBrowserEvents2 , DISPID_TITLECHANGE, OnTitleChange)

    void STDMETHODCALLTYPE OnTitleChange(BSTR bstrTitle);

    4 - The Motley Fool(Code Project) has a bug in IE6, it blocks a new window.

     Same project, same problem :(



    if someone has the solution for one of situations please send me a email

    thanks in advance,


    quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2011 19:02