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  • Please, Could anybody help me to solve this problem? I'm trying to capture a tree menuItem using Coded UI,but when I captured it, the nodes weren't organized as a tree, they are all appering at the same level.

    <Menu AutomationProperties.AutomationId="Menu" Height="25" VerticalAlignment="Top" Margin="0,0,299,0">
    	<MenuItem x:Name="menuFile" AutomationProperties.AutomationId="File" Height="25" Header="_File">
    		<MenuItem x:Name="menuItemClear" AutomationProperties.AutomationId="Clear" Header="_Clear">
    			<MenuItem x:Name="menuItemClearAll" AutomationProperties.AutomationId="Clear All" Header="_Clear All" />
    		<MenuItem x:Name="menuItemClose" AutomationProperties.AutomationId="Close" Header="_Close" />

    Result expected:


    Coded UI captured:


    quinta-feira, 31 de outubro de 2013 18:06