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  • Recently, we installed Microsoft Dynamics CRM where it syncs in with Microsoft Outlook.  Ever since the install and setting up the Exchange Server I've noticed that all email that I send goes into the Microsoft Exchange Server's outbox and stays there.  It does not get sent out.  But why is it going into that outbox and not my personal outbox.  I have changed the default on my data files to default to my personal pst file.  But once I did that I no longer am getting mail coming into the Exchange Server. I have tried several test emails.  This is frustrating.  I do not know if it is within my setting or what.  I usually have all my email accounts set up as a POP3 this is the first time I have had to use Exchange Server.

    Also, note that my main personal account is a comcast account and all mail comes in from comcast into my outlook.  Can you please help me with this outlook problem?

    Thank you.  I'm hoping you Microsoft experts will have an answer for me.  Also, since I do not get email into the Exchange Server, please alert me at



    terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2011 20:34


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