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  • Olá preciso de uma macro que retorne o IP do computador na tela...

    Obrigado pela atenção.

    sexta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2006 19:30

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  • Caro Ricardo,

    Segue o exemplo de uma APi que obtem o IP da máquina, todas as customizações para trabalhar devem ser feitas na sub Start.

    'In Module1:

    'Created By Verburgh Peter.
    ' 07-23-2001
    ' verburgh.peter@skynet.be
    'With this small application , you can detect the IP's installed on your computer,
    'including subnet mask , BroadcastAddr..
    'I've wrote this because i've a programm that uses the winsock control, but,
    'if you have multiple ip's  installed on your pc , you could get by using the Listen
    ' method the wrong ip ...
    'Because Winsock.Localip => detects the default ip installed on your PC ,
    ' and in most of the cases it could be the LAN (nic) not the WAN (nic)
    'So then you have to use the Bind function ,to bind to your right ip..
    'but how do you know & find that ip ?
    'you can find it now by this appl.. it check's in the api.. IP Table..

    Const MAX_IP = 5   'To make a buffer... i dont think you have more than 5 ip on your pc..

    Type IPINFO
         dwAddr As Long   ' IP address
        dwIndex As Long '  interface index
        dwMask As Long ' subnet mask
        dwBCastAddr As Long ' broadcast address
        dwReasmSize  As Long ' assembly size
        unused1 As Integer ' not currently used
        unused2 As Integer '; not currently used
    End Type

        dEntrys As Long   'number of entries in the table
        mIPInfo(MAX_IP) As IPINFO  'array of IP address entries
    End Type

    Type IP_Array
        mBuffer As MIB_IPADDRTABLE
        BufferLen As Long
    End Type

    Public Declare Sub CopyMemory Lib "kernel32" Alias "RtlMoveMemory" (Destination As Any, Source As Any, ByVal Length As Long)
    Public Declare Function GetIpAddrTable Lib "IPHlpApi" (pIPAdrTable As Byte, pdwSize As Long, ByVal Sort As Long) As Long
    Sub main()
    End Sub

    'converts a Long  to a string
    Public Function ConvertAddressToString(longAddr As Long) As String
        Dim myByte(3) As Byte
        Dim Cnt As Long
        CopyMemory myByte(0), longAddr, 4
        For Cnt = 0 To 3
            ConvertAddressToString = ConvertAddressToString + CStr(myByte(Cnt)) + "."
        Next Cnt
        ConvertAddressToString = Left$(ConvertAddressToString, Len(ConvertAddressToString) - 1)
    End Function

    Public Sub Start()
    Dim Ret As Long, Tel As Long
    Dim bBytes() As Byte
    Dim Listing As MIB_IPADDRTABLE

    'Form1.Text1 = ""
    Dim IPList As String
    On Error GoTo END1

        IPList = ""
        GetIpAddrTable ByVal 0&, Ret, True

        If Ret <= 0 Then Exit Sub
        ReDim bBytes(0 To Ret - 1) As Byte
        'retrieve the data
        GetIpAddrTable bBytes(0), Ret, False
        'Get the first 4 bytes to get the entry's.. ip installed
        CopyMemory Listing.dEntrys, bBytes(0), 4
        'MsgBox "IP's found : " & Listing.dEntrys    => Founded ip installed on your PC..
        IPList = IPList & Listing.dEntrys & "   IP addresses found on your PC !!" & vbCrLf
        IPList = IPList & "----------------------------------------" & vbCrLf
        For Tel = 0 To Listing.dEntrys - 1
            'Copy whole structure to Listing..
           ' MsgBox bBytes(tel) & "."
            CopyMemory Listing.mIPInfo(Tel), bBytes(4 + (Tel * Len(Listing.mIPInfo(0)))), Len(Listing.mIPInfo(Tel))
             IPList = IPList & "IP address                   : " & ConvertAddressToString(Listing.mIPInfo(Tel).dwAddr) & vbCrLf
             IPList = IPList & "IP Subnetmask            : " & ConvertAddressToString(Listing.mIPInfo(Tel).dwMask) & vbCrLf
             IPList = IPList & "BroadCast IP address  : " & ConvertAddressToString(Listing.mIPInfo(Tel).dwBCastAddr) & vbCrLf
             IPList = IPList & "**************************************" & vbCrLf
    MsgBox IPList
    'MsgBox ConvertAddressToString(Listing.mIPInfo(1).dwAddr)
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox "ERROR"
    End Sub

    sábado, 16 de dezembro de 2006 03:01