"Compiling as a service" Error CS2008 "No inputs found"


  • Hi. Im trying to compile empty diagram as a service and see CS2008 error. It comes in my 2 computers with empty project diagrams. Im using VS2010 and MRDS 4 Beta 2.

    *   generating manifest: C:\Users\petrov_d\Desktop\123\Application.manifest.xml
    *   Loading Program: file:///C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Robotics Dev Studio 4 Beta 2/cc31dba9-4032-4311-8a7a-12b180ecab84/Application.program.xml
    *   Starting internal DSS Node
    *   Service started [02/07/2012 08:35:39][dssp.tcp://]
    *   Service started [02/07/2012 08:35:39][dssp.tcp://]
    *   Service started [02/07/2012 08:35:39][dssp.tcp://]
    *   Finding Proxy assemblies for partners...
    *   Processing Activities...
    *   Processing activity icons... 
    *   Creating project file...
    *   Compiling Assembly...
    *** CSC(0,0): error CS2008: ЌҐ гЄ § ­л ўе®¤­лҐ ¤ ­­лҐ
    *** Failed!
    *   Closing.
    "ЌҐ гЄ § ­л ўе®¤­лҐ ¤ ­­лҐ" means "No inputs found" in incorrect encoding.

    Sorry of my bad english)

    terça-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2012 08:38


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