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  • This is feedback on my first impression of Web Developer 2010.  I hope Microsoft reads this and improves the product (or tells me what I'm doing wrong).  The short version - I threw it out and went back to Front Page 2003!   Here are my observations:

    1) When I move a file (or rename it) in the solution explorer, Web Developer does not update all the references.  It's smart enough to know the file (probably a picture) doesn't exist, but not smart enough to update all the links that reference it, like Front Page did.  This makes it pretty much useless, as I can't reorganize my web.  BTW, C# Express 2008 is very good at keeping things in line, especially with refactoring the code.

    2) I never got absolute paths in master pages to work properly.  For example, I want all my images in a folder called images.  Then in the master page, no mater how I referenced the file, it wasn't found by the page that was merged.  I tried using "images/myimage.jpg", "/images/myimage.jpg", and "~/images/myimage.jpg".  BTW, the merged pages were located in sub-directories, so this might have been a factor but it should still work if the path is absolute.

    3) The .SLN file was created in one place (wherever Web Developer decided to put it - under some subfolder created by the program), and the web site was created in a completely different place (where I told it to go).  IMO, the .SLN file should be placed with the web site, just like Visual C# Express does.

    4) The final problem might only be with Web Developer 2008 because I never got to the point of uploading the project with 2010 (because of the above problems).  Web Developer 2008 kept hanging while copying the web site via FTP.  It's probably a problem with the FTP server because Front Page would also stop uploading sometimes, but at least it wouldn't hang the program!

    I am not happy with Web Developer 2010 Express at all, and will not try it again until these problems are fixed.



    terça-feira, 29 de junho de 2010 23:10