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  • Welcome to the Visual C++ Language forum!


    The scope of this forum is the C++ language, compiler and linker, and also covers all

    standardized languages, extensions and interop technologies supported by Visual C++.


    For other questions related to Visual C++, including the development environment, libraries, setup, debugger, samples and documentation, please visit the Visual C++ General forum.


    A few specialized newsgroups worth mentioning are win32.programmer.ole for COM, win32.programmer.ui for UI and win32.programmer.mmedia for Multimedia. It's otherwise a good idea to read through the newsgroup directory, in addition to the forum directory before picking the final destination.


    If you still feel that you are in the right place, do read on!


    Best practice reminders

    • Try searching for keywords related to your problem before asking. Chances are it's been dealt with before. Please note, though; if you find another thread which is just barely related to your issue, start a new thread rather than changing the course of the old one. New, unanswered, threads will get you more attention.
    • Please mark your threads as answered if you feel that your question has received the appropriate response, and / or has been resolved.
    • Avoid asking the same question in more than one place, unless specifically told so. Duplicate questions means duplicate effort, and that makes for grumpy contributors.

    Tips for asking a question

    • Please include a clear and descriptive subject.
    • Limit the amount of attached source code, and do what you can to point out where you suspect that the problem lies.
    • Remember to include error information, but try not to limit the post to the error message alone.
    • Putting a little extra work into the question is likely to yield a quicker and more accurate response. This will save your time, as well as that of the contributors Smile

    Thanks for visiting!

    quarta-feira, 4 de outubro de 2006 18:06