Highlight visible items of ListBox based on a condition RRS feed

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  • I have a problem that I don't know if it can be solved, but here is for sure the best place to know, this is:

    - I have a ListBox with several columns, in the example that attachment I just put with three but may be 14, where I only want to show certain columns, in this case only show the first two columns, and only show 12 ListBox items at a time;
    - That is the Height, Width and number of visible items (ListBox lines) are fixed - in this case there are 12.

    The intention was that whenever the value of the third column was different from "", ie whenever there is value, the color of the label, which is now red, would change to yellow (or any other color), without "Clicking" in the ListBox, ie when I first show the ListBox, the visible ListBox items correspond to ListIndex = 0 to ListIndex = 11; but as I scroll up or down the visible items vary as do the visible ListIndex.

    Is it possible to do what I want?
    How is it possible? 

    Any examples ill be appreciated
    Jorge Cabral

    domingo, 20 de outubro de 2019 00:07