Multiple Testsettings possible?


  • Hi,

    we've got multiple projects and multiple unit test projects. Some of them need to be hosted on asp.net dev server. Others don't need to be hosted there.

    The big problem is, that I've only 1 Testsetting-File which I've to configure running on asp.net. Also for the tests that don't need this host. So is it possible to use different testsettings on different test-projects? Would be really cool and a very very fine performance boost for our testing. Waiting until the webserver is startet really hurts each time!

    I couldn't find any configuration how to solve this issue. Probably there is an other possibility to avoid starting the webserver all the time when I run a test even if this test doesn't need it.



    sexta-feira, 9 de março de 2012 09:18


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