how to add like feature of facebook and follow us feature of twitter from c# window application??


  • Hi All,

          I am looking for a solution to add "Like" feature of Facebook from my C# window Application.It means when I click on my window's form's "like" button, then it should check for the login of Facebook first and if the user is already logged in then the status on the facebook's wall should be shown and also the "like" button should disabled , and if user is not logged in then a new windows form Dialog Box should be opened with Facebook login page and when user logs in the facebook through this dialog form, this dialog form should be closed and the status of the facebook user's should be displayed on his/her profile's "Wall" that "User  likes a link.". the same thing i have to do for twitter also.

    it should work like this for e.g.

    please see in the bottom of the News there are options to follow on twitter and like to facebook.

    i guess i need and API to resolve the Issue so i have also visited this url and checked the code but it doen't fullfill my requrement.

    i hope for the answer as soon as possible.

    thank you for your support in advance.

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