Free Tools for Building BOTS/Activities within Messenger


  • Starting today Conversagent one of MSN Messenger’s platform ISV’s has decided to make a version of it’s SDK for building BOTS and Activity applications on MSN Messenger available for free.  The offer will provide developers use of their tools free for six months to build applications within Messenger.  The SDK limits the number of sessions to 50,000 per month however on a case by case basis Conversagent will remove all session constraints for the remaining period.  BOTS developed with these tools with have the RL (reverse limit) limitations removed.

    With these tools a developer can build rich IM applications for MSN Messenger that combine a BOT in the conversation window linked to rich application in the Activity window—such as the Encarta® Instant Answers (add Messenger contact encarta@conversagent.com), ESP Billy (espbilly@msn.com), or IM Local (imlocal@msn.com).

    It’s great to see a partner like Conversagent making tools available to help drive innovation and mash-ups within MSN Messenger.  I look forward to seeing the many new applications within Messenger.  For more information, here are some helpful links:

    • Register and download the Conversagent SDK for MSN Messenger here
    • Get Alerts about the coolest applications developed here
    • For the Messenger Activity API here
    • For examples of what can be built with the Activity API here
    • For questions on about building on Messenger here

    Need ideas on what to build?  Here’s a list of ten to get you started:

    1. An application that enables you to find a great house for sale or apartment to rent, and uses the Activity window and Windows Live Local in the Activity window to see the overhead of the surrounding area
    2. An application that interacts with the user to answer product questions, and uses the Activity window to display rich product information or enable product configuration on the fly
    3. An auction application where the BOT in the conversation window helps you find the item you’re looking for and then allows you to preview and bid for it in the activity window
    4. A booking finding application where the BOT updates you on new items, and then previews them for you in the application window
    5. An application where the BOT answers questions about particular travel destinations, while giving you a video or slide show of the destination they’re discussing in the Activity window
    6. Any number of games (tic-tac-toe, chess, go, etc..) where the BOT interacts with you while playing against you in the Activity window
    7. A customer support application where the BOT answers technical questions, and shows how to make product configuration changes in the Activity window
    8. A an application where the BOT helps users search for images with MSN Search, which are then displayed in the Activity window
    9. An application that suggests some perfect gift ideas, and allows you to preview and purchase the item in the Activity window
    10. An application where the BOT can update you on current road conditions for your drive home, and in the Activity window show you feeds from road cams, the current congestion maps, and map alternative routes

    Please contact me with any questions. 

    Todd Biggs
    Product Manager, MSN
    IM: todd_biggs@hotmail.com


    2006年2月1日 2:00