Windows Live will not stay connected and keeps shutting down.


  • I have been having issues with Windows live for months now.  At first it was working great, and then one day, it would not allow me to log on at all, I kept getting error codes.  I could log in remotely from my office, but that was not helping as I needed my webcam.  I tried unistalling and reinstalling several times to no avail.  Finally I went on today uninstalled, but this time created a new profile upon reinstalling.  This seemed to work, but not once I'm logged in, it automatically logs me out.  It will not stay logged in, but for a few seconds.  What could be going on?  Connection seems to be good.

    5 ianuarie 2010 18:19

Toate mesajele

  • My comuter has been having the same problem. I could log in just fine but suddenly, it will just log me out and I have to reconnect. Then I get on again and it logs me off five minutes later again. Its really irritating. Anyone know what the problem is? I have the newest version of messenger for Windows 7.
    22 iulie 2011 05:35