Spell check - Different languages



    I have recently downloaded WLM.  I use Windows XP.  My question is regarding the Spell check ans is as follows:


    I have installed the English language and made the French language as my default.  When I write in french the spell check does a good job.  When I change to the english language the spell check underlines every word as a mistake.  Do I have to always go in tools - options and change the default language as per my needs or does WLM have a gadget for the lack of a better word that I can add to the tool bar that would let me choose the language that I need for that specific email.  I am not talking about using both languages in the same email, just the english language while french is still set as my default?


    Thanks for your help.


    P.S.  This forum window does not work very well for when I go and click on edit I lose all that was written... weird isn't it? 

    segunda-feira, 2 de junho de 2008 16:37