Win8 remote debugging with Bing Maps SDK


  • I got the control up and running in my app pretty easily.  Great stuff.  I did this work on my development laptop.  Now, I'm trying to test it out on my slate (the one from BUILD) so I did what I normally do: configure for remote debugging and hit F5.  When the app runs on the slate, I get a XamlParseException saying "Cannot create instance of type 'Bing.Maps.Map'".

    I'm sure the XAML is right because this code works fine on my dev box.  The slate does not have the Bing Maps SDK installed on it but I do see that Visual Studio copied Bing.Maps.winmd to my output bin directory and presumably put in the package it deployed to the slate (not sure how to check that though).  Both of these machines are x64 and that's what my project is set for.

    Please advise on how to make this work

    Robert Levy

    2012년 3월 9일 금요일 오후 10:24


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  • You will need to update your slate to the Windows 8 CTP. The previous version of Vindows 8 does not have all the required libraries to run the Bing Maps Windows 8 SDK.

    2012년 3월 10일 토요일 오후 1:41
  • No, that's not the problem. I updated all my machines to the Consumer Preview as soon as it came out. I have *not* installed Visual Studio or the Bing Maps SDK on my slate but I am assuming this is not necessary because people who get my app from the app store won't have these things installed either.

    Robert Levy

    2012년 3월 12일 월요일 오후 11:50
  • And what if you simply build and deploy the application to the slate as if for production (i.e. don't try to remotely debug it) - does that work?

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    2012년 3월 13일 화요일 오전 8:16
  • If you're writing a managed app make sure you add a reference to the Visual C++ Runtime or you'll get a failure deploying to a machine without VS.
    2012년 3월 13일 화요일 오후 5:38
  • I haven't got to the bottom of it but on my combination of win8 desktop / Samsung slate from //build I can only get remote debugging working when set to release mode.

    Debugging works really well, but I get the classic  XamlParseException when in debug mode.

    I'm set to x64 in all modes, reference the c++ runtime.

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    2012년 4월 7일 토요일 오전 6:14