Windows Live ID Authentication - local dev on VS2010 - how to set redirect domain?


  • Hello,

    I hope i'm posting this to the right forum.

    I'm attempting to do a proof of concept where I want to use Windows Live ID Authentication. I've downloaded the SDK and got the sample working following its instructions.  Now I want to try to create something basic just to get the token back from WIndows Live ID authentication.  I think the problem is I am not setting the redirect domain correctly on the management page (https://manage.dev.live.com/).

    I'm developing on VS2010.  When running, it'll run my web app as "localhost" as the domain but of course i can't just type in "localhost" as the redirect domain (or can I?).  Any suggestions on how to point it back to my local instance for development purposes?

    thanks a lot!

    15 Oktober 2011 22:07