Window Live Messenger toolkit not working with HTTPS


  • HI All,

    We have integrated window live messenger toolkit with our application its worked fine with http. now as we have moved to https its not working. The issue we are getting are as below.

    we have used this script to load loader file

    <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.wlmessenger.net/api/3.7/loader.js"></script>

    its giving Microsoft is undefined javascript error with https.

    we also tried to load this file locally keeping the above reference as itis and by this javascript error is solved but the messenger bar is loading.

    Can anyone has tried to use messenger toolkit with https.









    • Déplacé Jayaram Choudhary jeudi 29 septembre 2011 16:12 Messenger Web Toolkit question (From:Live Connect)
    jeudi 29 septembre 2011 13:39