Error "-1072889830"


  • Hi,

    I'm having an issue while accessing files (for background music play) using the live api (version 5.0) on Windows Phone.  

    I (seemingly) randomly get an Exception: -1072889830.  

    There are times when the file works and times when it doesn't (I'm therefore confident the source address is correct).  Once it stops working, it seems to continually return this error.

    I can repeat the behavior in the emulator and a device.

    I've tried under different networking conditions.

    Is there any known issues in this area? Any advice?   


    martes, 06 de marzo de 2012 12:35

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  • What type of audio file are you trying to play and what api are you using to play the audio file?

    I will try to reproduce it.

    Also, does the exception have a stacktrace?


    miércoles, 07 de marzo de 2012 1:12
  • Simon,

    The audio file type I'm using is mp3. 

    I'm using the AudioPlaybackAgent within the Windows Phone framework.  I load an AudioTrack with data required , including the Uri from skydrive account.

    The AudioPlaybackAgent is setup very similar to the example on MSDN. 

    I do have stack traces - I'll post those later (in about 5-6 hours) as I don't have access to them at the moment.

    Thanks for looking into this.

    miércoles, 07 de marzo de 2012 1:53
  • Simon,

    OK, I've done a more detailed investigation.  Seems this issue is related to characters in the filename, and possilbly length of filename (not been able to confirm that though)

    I actually can't do a stack trace because the background player creates an exception with the error code and no stack trace..

    Attached is an screen capture of some debug info:

    Filename that fails is 

    01 American Idiot [Multimedia Track] Green Day Bullet in a Bible [CD+DVD].mp3

    If I remove the + character, it works.

    Other files are less obvious as to the reason why they are failing.

    miércoles, 07 de marzo de 2012 9:33
  • It isn't clear that this is an issue with the Live SDK at this point versus the AudioPlaybackAgent in Windows Phone. Do you have a network trace showing whether we are failing to return data to the device when such characters exist in the URL? 
    miércoles, 07 de marzo de 2012 13:22
  • Raygolf, have you been able to confirm that this is an issue with the AudioPlaybackAgent?


    viernes, 09 de marzo de 2012 3:05