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  • We develop a social media gateway that is currently connecting to to sync emails/contacts/calendars but every so often this gateway appears to go down for many hours at a time which causes us grief. So I though we might try the endpoint but it doesn't appear to support OAUTH HTTP Authentication like does as we get a HTTP 401 Unauthorized response. This sort of makes sense as it looks like is the mobile version of website when you put this url into a browser. 

    Can Microsoft provide some clarity around these two endpoints and answer these questions:

    1) What is the official ActiveSync endpoint for Doing an autodiscover call on an email address returns as the hostname so do we assume is the ActiveSync endpoint for all, and email accounts?

    2) Is it common for the ActiveSync gateway for hotmail to go down for several hours at a time during the middle of our timezone (GMT+10)?

    Thanks, Shane.

    Regards, Shane Rowatt.

    Thursday, January 10, 2013 7:09 AM

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