m.hotmail.com vs m.outlook.com for ActiveSync


  • We develop a social media gateway that is currently connecting to m.hotmail.com to sync emails/contacts/calendars but every so often this gateway appears to go down for many hours at a time which causes us grief. So I though we might try the m.outlook.com endpoint but it doesn't appear to support OAUTH HTTP Authentication like m.hotmail.com does as we get a HTTP 401 Unauthorized response. This sort of makes sense as it looks like m.outlook.com is the mobile version of outlook.com website when you put this url into a browser. 

    Can Microsoft provide some clarity around these two endpoints and answer these questions:

    1) What is the official ActiveSync endpoint for Outlook.com? Doing an autodiscover call on an @outlook.com email address returns m.hotmail.com as the hostname so do we assume m.hotmail.com is the ActiveSync endpoint for all @live.com, @hotmail.com and @outlook.com email accounts?

    2) Is it common for the ActiveSync gateway for hotmail to go down for several hours at a time during the middle of our timezone (GMT+10)?

    Thanks, Shane.

    Regards, Shane Rowatt.

    Thursday, January 10, 2013 7:09 AM

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