Populate word document with open xml RRS feed

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    I wonna use the open xml sdk to made some letters.

    Now i have a list of people with there address,..... I make a template for every language i need. For now nl(dutch) , eng(enlish) , fr(french). I wonna copy each template(each language) and fill then every document with all the people from my list. So the new document is an document in the language of that person, and it could be more then 1 person. Like 100 or something. So one document must have more then 1 same letter.

    I found this link but he used not bookmarks but the Content Controls. It may also with content controls. But it must be easy for other people to create a template

    How can you do this with bookmarks? These are no standard templates. The user can change them. So thats why i don't wonna use the Content Controls. But i can't find a good example for this.

    I find many things about the open xml sdk but not over the bookmars. Somebody who can help me?
    I searching for 2 days now, and i don't get the right thing.

    C# or is no problem. I am writing in but i can translated it from c# to

    Friday, August 27, 2010 2:20 PM

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