Hey, Could ya read this before posting to this forum? (plus main support link) RRS feed

  • General discussion

  • The main topics in this forum are application compatibility and Logo certification issues for developers (not end users)


    For those question use General Support or select a different forum


    Here's the link for general Vista Issues:


    Good questions to post


     Example: My application I wrote works on XP fails to run on Vista (with repro/debug info)

     Example: I can't get Logo Test Case xx to work

     Example: My function call worked fine in XP but doesn't work on Vista

     Example: I don't understand <x> about the logo program

     Example: I'm having manifest problems with my application on Vista


    Questions not to post here:


      Example: My installation failed on my laptop

      Example: My software for my printer doesn't work anymore

      Example: Where do I get Vista?

      Example: How do I design a driver for Vista?

      Example: IE7 is locking up on Vista

      Example: My Vista evaluation version has expired, how do I make it work?

      Example: I got a blue screen on Vista, you suck



    Thursday, May 17, 2007 6:29 PM