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    i want to reduce the cost non business hours all paas services like APP service, SQL database, WebApp service.

    Please help on this.

    Thursday, May 21, 2020 1:38 PM

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  • Apologies for the delay!

    Thanks for posting a very good question.
    Sorry for the long post, trying to cover important concepts here.

    The very essence of cloud, you only pay for what you use. There are several ways in Azure you can leverage to keep in check on your usage, manage, and control the cost.

    With built-in automation in place, you can readily and easily configure the scaling instances based on your usage thus reducing cost.

    Azure Cost Management gives you the tools to plan for, analyze and reduce your spending to maximize your cloud investment. It provides you with a methodical approach to cost management and highlights the tools available to you as you address your organization's cost challenges.

    In regard to App Service (WebApps) - An app runs in an App Service plan.
    An App Service plan defines a set of compute resources for a web app to run. The 
    pricing tier of an App Service plan determines what App Service features you get and how much you pay for the plan. Except for Free tier, an App Service plan carries an hourly charge on the compute resources it uses.

    When the resources are not utilized, you can scale-down at any time. It is as simple as changing the pricing tier of the plan. You can choose a lower pricing tier at first and scale up later when you need more App Service features. You can even pause/stop the App Service plan to reduce the cost based on your business requirement.

    In regard to Azure SQL database – Again, there are several ways to reduce the cost. With SQL Database serverless
    compute tier – you can optimize price-performance and simplifies performance management for databases with intermittent and unpredictable usage. 

    SQL Database serverless automatically scales compute for single databases based on workload demand and bills.  Serverless also provides an option to automatically pause the database during inactive usage periods and automatically resume when activity returns.
    for compute used per second. 

    Azure Advisor - Analyzes your configurations and usage telemetry and offers personalized, actionable recommendations to help you optimize your Azure resources for high availability, security, operational excellence, performance, and cost.

    Azure Cost Management: is a cost management solution that helps you monitor and control Azure spending and optimize resource use.

    I suggest you check out these Azure documentations for accomplishing optimized cost management.

    Prevent unexpected charges with Azure billing and cost management

    How to optimize your cloud investment with Azure Cost Management

    Monitor costs with budgetsalerts, and cost analysis.

    Hope this helps, kindly let us know if you have any further questions. 

    Tuesday, May 26, 2020 7:02 AM
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