Bonus Challenge Winner Status

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  • Last week, I promised that I'd post the list of winners today for the Bonus Challenge.  Well, we got so many apps, it took a bit longer than I had expected to review them all and verify the winners.

    In total we received 11 applications for the Bonus Challenge.  The apps were still being reviewed and provisioned today.  The list should be available tomorrow, Wednesday, November 26.

    Todd and I are traveling to the Austin Game Developers Conference in Austin, TX tomorrow to get more game developers building with the Activity API. Big Smile  So, it will be tomorrow evening before I can post the list.  Either way, the winners will be notified directly by Gage, the company who is doing the actual contest judging and awarding the prizes.

    Thanks for being patient.  And thanks to everyone who submitted an application for the Bonus Challenge.

    Keep the apps coming!  We have more than two months left in the contest.


    Wednesday, October 26, 2005 7:29 AM