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  • I am using charts on a form in MSAccess 2007.
    The charts are controls on a sub-form.
    I would like to be able to set the minimum and maximum scale values for the Y axis of my charts dynamically at runtime.
    Currently, the minimum always appears as 0 (zero) when a chart displays and I would like to change it to a value closer to the lowest value in the feeding data table,
    I have added a reference to the Microsoft Graph 12.0 object in my code.
    I have tried to change the value with code such as Forms!Form!Subform!ChartControl.Axes(1).Minimum Value  = 40 and variations of this but I keep getting error messages.

    Can anyone help me with this.

    1: Is it even possible to reference and change the minimum scale value at runtime?
    2: Do I need to include the Graph 12.0 reference to do so?
    3: What is the proper syntax for doing so?
    4: What is the appropriate event to attach the code to?

    I can provide any other information you require.


    Bob Robinson 
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