I forgot my Windows Live ID password, i don't know my secret question, is there no hope??


  • Hello, my problem is like this basically:

    I have an Xbox LIVE account and would like the option of being able to recover my gamertag to my friends Xbox 360 but i cannot do this because i do not know the password for my Windows LIVE ID as i have forgotten it, after i went to the "forgot password?" part on the Windows LIVE website it made me answer my secret question which was "best childhood friend".
    But i do not know the answer or the password, will i be able to get the gamertag back if my xbox breaks :S

    Thankyou for reading - please help me with this

    My Gamertag is Mad Max 146, send me a message if you have advice
    Wednesday, August 05, 2009 11:06 PM


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