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  • For some reason I have issues with all of my Yahoo contacts.  When I try to chat with them - i always get a meesage from Windows Live Messenger saying that "it could not deliver my IM to the recepiant.  Also - now when my yahoo contacts are online - it never shows them as being online in my windows live messenger?  Any ideas?

    Tuesday, August 07, 2007 5:19 PM

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    Oh my God, I am so happy someone ELSE is having the same issue.


    I will be chatting with a friend that's on Yahoo, and without warning, I get my messaged marked undeliveried.   I'll email a followup, and they didn't logoff.   They just seem to be offline from my viewpoint.  ( I have a hotmail account)


    Other days, they will be offline all day, and I'll IM's from them, but I can't reply back.  (undeliverable message)


    This is about as annoying as being unable to use my verizon.net email address with live.com

    Thursday, August 16, 2007 8:19 PM

    I can't even send the message to my Yahoo Friends.  Any suggestions?  Using both Messenger Live and Yahoo Messenger 8.0.  I am using Vista, I was wondering if maybe I'm behind a version or if they are not totally compatible to Vista; however, I doubt that is the reason because they were all release about the same time, thinking they were tested on the Vista Platform.  I know there is Yahoo Messenger 8.5 to be released soon, but I don't understand why Messenger and Yahoo Live aren't already compatible the way they said they would be.    The only firewall running is built into Windows, and no other conflicts I can think of.Any suggestions?
    Thursday, August 23, 2007 9:28 AM
  • I just recently started chatting w/a friend on Yahoo who've I've never seen appear online, although Yahoo shows her online all the time.

    However, out of the blue I'll get an IM and we're able to chat for a while (she still shows offline).  Then all of the sudden, I'll start getting undeliverables, although my friend never signed off.  She said that I all of the sudden appeared offline.

    I've also been told that I need to update my display name, since she still sees an old message which appeared in June/first part of July  (re: on vacation!!).  The display name has been updated since mid-July in Windows Live Messenger version 8.1!!! .


    Something is definitely wrong in how these tools are communicating!


    Wednesday, August 29, 2007 12:17 AM
  • yes. I am also having trouble with talking between the two clients.

    For me, I have both accounts and I couldnt figure out why I couldnt add my yahoo contacts to WLM.

    Next I tried adding me to WLM and it still says I'm offline, so then I went to yahoo and added my WLM username and I appeared online and could send WLM messages. I still didnt appear online in WLM though nor could I send (or should I say start a conversation) with me.
    Thursday, November 22, 2007 5:56 PM

    I too facing the same problem and not yet updated with solution.Please let me know if there are some settings to be changed.


    I am not able to communicate with Yahoo users thru my Windows Live Messenger..


    Hoping the early feedback.

    Thursday, March 13, 2008 9:14 AM
  • Microsoft has not provided any suggestions on this problem.  All my yahoo contacts appear offline (even though I know they are online).  There are no "settings" that take care of this feature.

    The only solution I have is we should all just switch to Yahoo messenger.  You can see your windows live contacts from Yahoo (they appear online when they are online).  The only problem is that your friends- if they use windows live messenger- will not be able to respond.  This is supposed to be "compatible" - wow.

    Looks like yahoo messenger is a much better product.

    Saturday, March 29, 2008 3:09 PM
  • BUMP -


    I have the same problem.  I'd love for someone from the Mother Ship to chime in with a fix.

    Things to note about my troubleshooting:

    1) It happens on multiple PCs and laptops.
    2) NICs are different
    3) Different Versions of the OS from XP to Win7
    4) It's random
    5) Multiple locations (home, work, random WiFi hotspot, Neighbor's wifi)
    6) Muliple connections types (wired, wireless, broadband cable modem directly connected or thru network, work LAN with Cisco ASA/PIX, home thru vonage router or direct etc.)
    7) All PCs have been rebuilt with the same os and version of MSN/Live Messenger
    8) Home Router and switches have been replaced completly (dlink to Linksys to Cisco 2948g)
    9) hmm . . . . i think that's it.


    The bottom lineis that occasionally a select few federated contacts either don't show the correct status and/or I get IMs that are returned undeliverable.  The federated services are with Yahoo or a Corporate version of Microsoft IM in the MS Commuincator.  Also note, if I use Trillion or Digsby to IM with those same users, this issue doesn't occur.  I would like to continue to use MSN/Live Messenger, but it's difficult in that the primary people i communicate with don't get 100% of my IMs.





    Wednesday, January 28, 2009 8:12 PM
  • I have the same issue. I encounter problems on adding Yahoo Messenger contacts and even on chatting with the Yahoo contacts that I already have. Gosh this issue seems so old, will they ever solve it?
    Monday, February 23, 2009 5:50 PM
  • This is like totally annoying...

    I'm using Live Messenger 2009 on Vista, and all my Yahoo contacts never - and i mean never - come online when i know they are actually online. 

    And by the way, they can message me, and when they do, I got a nice little box saying that this contact was not on my contact list - but they actually are on my contact list, just that i can never send offline message and they never appear as online.  So I tried to click the little link there with something like "add them to my contact list", but i get no response.

    So I can't send message to them.  Lucky me is that once my Yahoo friends message me, i can respond and chat...

    Doesn't work even if I delete and re-add them back.

    Seems to get a message that Live Service is currently not available and my contact will be added once it is back - i wonder if that 'service' ever comes back to life...

    unless you're calling this as compatible, then fine, you win.
    Tuesday, March 24, 2009 11:31 AM
  • Gosh... seems that I finally found a solution.... and though i havn't tested it with my friend...
    I can now at least try to send an offline message to my Yahoo Contacts (previously shown as non-instant messaging contact)

    The re-adding method seems working for me...
    So think i should share it and see if it works for others as well...

    From http://forum.msgshit.com/index.php?s=&showtopic=6221&view=findpost&p=67101
    by Christiano

    ----------------------Original Message Starts here------------------------------
    Hi there,

    i have found the solution and it helped me before!!!IT was like what u had before too all my contacts are offline.. here is what microsoft asked me to do hope its help to you:

    , the following reasons may apply when your contacts do not appear when you are using Windows Live Messenger:
    - You may have deleted this contact by using another program that uses the same address book.
    - Your contacts may not have signed in to their Messenger, MSN Hotmail, or MSN accounts in more than 60 days.
    - A cache file in Windows Live Messenger may be corrupted.

    If you have a Hotmail or an MSN Messenger address, the contact list that appears in Messenger is also shared by Hotmail. Therefore, if you delete a contact from the Hotmail address book, that contact will also be deleted from the Messenger contact list. Alternatively, if you are using the MSN client program or Outlook Express to access your Hotmail Inbox, deleting contacts in Outlook Express can delete the contacts from Messenger.

    Each user who signs in to MSN Messenger has a contact list. If the user is signed in with a Microsoft domain e-mail address, that user's contact list is shared between Hotmail and Messenger.

    The MSN policy is to delete an inactive user’s address from other users' contact lists after 60 days of inactivity. This does not apply to inactive MSN paying subscribers or to inactive Hotmail Extra Storage subscribers.

    If a contact has disappeared from your contact list, that person may not have signed in to Messenger or used that Hotmail account or that MSN account for more than 60 days. However, the associated Microsoft Passport Network credentials (the e-mail address and password that you use to sign in to the Passport Network) may still be valid. To communicate with that contact again, you must again add that contact to your contact list.

    1. Re-add contacts from your allow list to Contact list:
    a. Sign in to Messenger.
    b. On the "Tools" menu, click "Options," and then click "Privacy."
    c. Right-click each contact on the Allow List, and then click "Add to Contact list."

    If the contact is not on your Allow List, add the contact:
    i. In the main MSN Messenger window, click "Add a Contact" on the "Contacts" menu.
    ii. Follow the steps in the wizard to add the contact.

    2. If your contact list is empty or incomplete after you upgrade to Windows Live Messenger, the cached contact list may not have updated correctly. To update your contact list, follow these steps:
    a. Sign out of Messenger.
    b. Click "Start," click "Run," type the following command, and then click "OK":
    %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Messenger\
    c. A new Microsoft Windows Explorer window opens. In the window, click your Messenger ID.
    d. Double-click the Contacts folder.
    e. Delete the two folders that are in the Contacts folder.
    f. Sign in to Messenger again.

    I hope these steps resolve your concern with Windows Live Messenger. If you need further assistance, you may contact us at http://support.live.com. For additional information and self-help instructions, visit http://ideas.live.com/programpage.aspx?ver...60-c6313f7ebb73.

    Thank you for contacting Windows Live Messenger Technical Support. Have a great day.


    Windows Live Messenger Technical Support
    Tuesday, March 24, 2009 5:51 PM
  • I still got the same issue. Obviously YAHOO and MSN are still incompatible. How bad is that... i mean, this is really incompetence. It's always the same result: I (using hotmail) can receive the messages from a yahoo contact, but the yahoo contact doesn't receive the messages from me. It doesn't matter if I format my harddisk and install everything again, or if I use Linux or Window and then Pidgin, Kopete, Live Messenger, Web Messenger. It persists as described.

    I have no problems chatting from a Yahoo account to another Yahoo account.

    I have no problems chatting from a MSN account to another MSN account.

    But I can't send messages from my hotmail account to a yahoo account, although MS claim it should. No it ain't!! I don't know what is wrong in here, but obviously it's not my fault. Microsoft fix this ASAP, this is long overdue now! Any help is appreciated.

    Wednesday, November 24, 2010 1:17 AM
  • I know this message has been here for a while now (2007) but I saw a recent reply (2010) that is experiencing this problem, so I'm posting the solution for this.

    First, I don't know exactly what versions of YM and WLM yall got but I have the latest one so if you don't have the latest ones and this steps wont work, you may try considering downloading the latest versions.

    Here's what I did:

    1. Delete the contacts from your Windows Live Messenger

    2. Click on "Add a friend" button, then select "Add people from other services...". A window should pop-up

    3. On the blank field under "Enter a name or email address:" type, the yahoo email address and click on Next.

    4. Click on "Invite" button. Wait for the invitation to be sent (takes less than a second).

    5. The Yahoo! account will receive the invitation and once they accept it, they're added to your WLM and chat without a problem.


    I hope this helps.




    dionsmom :)

    Sunday, January 09, 2011 6:31 AM