Playlist help for WMP11 and Media Player Powertoy for Live Spaces RRS feed

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  • Why is there no way to generate URL based playlists within Windows Media Player 11?

    These Playlists can be generated manually with a notepad but when there are hundreds of links to be added to the playlist it does become trying.

    Also the Live Spaces Media Player Powertoy has no support for wpl playlists.. why not? Hosting such a playlist file and linking the Space to it.. or even just generating a private list of URLs on the Space itself and linking the Powertoy to that where it would us it as a wpl type playlist would be so much more useful. you could have proper picture slideshows and even video slideshows. an audio blog with controls to easily seek through the playlist to a desired date etc, all from the powertoy.

    Sunday, November 19, 2006 10:04 PM