Creating a Python 3.8 App Service on a Canadian server RRS feed

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  • For legal purposes, I require a Canadian based server to host an app and data.  The app is written in Python 3.8.  I can't seem to get a configuration that will deploy without giving errors.  I have tried the Canada East and Canada Central servers.

    Canada Central gives the error:

    This region has quota of 0 instances for your subscription. Try selecting different region or SKU.

    Canada East gives the error:

    The scale operation is not allowed for this subscription in this region. Try selecting different region or scale option.

    How do I figure out what configuration will work without having to bang my head against the wall blindly trying different settings?  Keep in mind, using a Canadian server is mandatory.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

    Tuesday, April 21, 2020 3:14 PM

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  • Thanks for posting this question.
    I completely understand the scenario you’re dealing with. Firstly, we apologies for the delay and any inconvenience with this issue.

    What subscription are you leveraging? Which App Service Plan (SKU) are you attempting provision?  Just to clarity, do you have any existing WebApps in your subscription or provisioned in Canada Central region?  If you haven’t done this already, kindly check to see if you could provision the WebApp with lower SKU (Basic, Shared, Free) in Canada Central region. 

    I request you to checkout this blog- Update #2 on Microsoft cloud services continuity for details on resource surge due to Covid-19; specifically on these points:
    ‘Given your prioritization criteria, how will this impact other Azure customers?’,
    ‘When these service incidents happen, how do you communicate to customers and partners?’, and
    ‘What actions are you taking to prevent capacity constraints?’

    Having mentioned that, I wish to engage with you offline for a closer look and provide a specialized assistance, please send an email with subject line “Attn:Ajay” to AzCommunity[at]Microsoft[dot]com referencing this thread and the Azure subscription ID, I will follow-up with you.

    Thanks for your patience and co-operation!

    Wednesday, April 22, 2020 8:24 PM
  • Just following-up on my response above to keep you posted. 

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    Thursday, April 23, 2020 4:00 AM