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  • Dear friends

    I have a calendar in MOSS site. When i click on "Action". It does not show the option of "Connect to outlook". What is the problem? Please guide.

    Also let me know if i need to install outlook 2007 on MOSS server

    SharePoint 2007.

    kind regards
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    2010年3月3日 12:22



  • You shouldn't need to install office 2007 on the server (it can be useful to have it for your own testing but it is not required).

    The "Connect to outlook" option should be available on clients with Office 2007 installed. There's a couple of reasons why the option may not be available.

    -The web browser may not support the functionality: try using IE 7 or 8 if possible.
    -Browser security settings may prevent it: try putting the site in the 'Local Intranet' security zone.
    -There may be an issue with the Office 2007 installation.
       -If Office 2003 was previously installed, try removing Office 2007, removing any Office 2003 components, then reinstalling Office 2007
       -Also in the Office 2007 installation check that under the shared tools that sharepoint support is selected and installed.

    2010年3月3日 14:44
  • and what if clients have office 2003? do you think that can be the problem too, where MOSS can only interact with outlook 2007?
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    2010年3月3日 14:50
  • If you don't have the option of "Connect to Outlook" it means that your client does not have a suitable copy of Outlook installed.

    Suitable means the (year's) version of Outlook that matches which Office version your SharePoint system thinks you have. Typically if you have both Office 2003 and Outlook 2007 installed on your client which Outlook it expects to see will depend on things like which version (Office 2003 or 2007) of a particular .DLL you have installed.

    The same applies to Outlook 2003 on an otherwise Office 2007 client system.

    So to make 100% sure that you always see Connect to Outlook make sure that all your Office type applications are either 2003 or 2007 (and get rid of everything that could still be hanging around in the client that is of the wrong "year".

    You do not install Outlook 2007 on the server. It will not help a bit. It's what is installed on the client that matters.

    P.S. Just to really kill this point. If the system expects Office 2003 then only Outlook 2003 will do. If it expects Office 2007 then only Outlook 2007 will do

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    2010年3月3日 15:12
  • Thanks for the reply Mike, So the bottom line is, i need to promote clients to use office 2007 system.
    But still i wonder if there is any other possible way to make this working with outlook 2003 (office 2003 system with MOSS 2007)

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    2010年3月3日 15:34
  • Absoutely not!  The outlook connector will hook up to Outlook 2003 and 2007 clients no problem.  However, (and I think this is what Mike was referring to) if you have had both of these versions installed on the SAME client PC/laptop, then it can cause some issues.

    My first suggestion would be to check to see if your Outlook installation has the Windows SharePoint Services Support option installed:
    Go into Control panel and then Add/Remove Programs (or Programs and features for Vista/Win7).  Highlight Office and click on Change.
    Select to add/remove features and look for the SharePoint Services support (under Office Tools heading).

    If it's not installed, there's your problem.
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    2010年3月3日 16:14
  • >  However, (and I think this is what Mike was referring to) if you have had both of these versions installed on the SAME client PC/laptop, then it > >can cause some issues.

    I was talking about having mixed Office editions on the same client. Typically when Outlook is mentioned the problem in work environments is that Office 2003 applications (Word, Excel, etc.) are still on the client PC but (only) Outlook has been upgraded (from 2003 to 2007) leading to the inbalance.

    This leads to the (possibly) disastrous situation with mixed Office editions (as Outlook 2007 is regarded as an Office product - Visio 2007 can cause the same thing and I'd guess SPD 2007 and OneNote 2007) that we know so well from problems with seeing and not seeing Multiple File Uploads and Datasheet Views.


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    2010年3月3日 16:20
  • Mike:   Keeping your suggestions in my mind, i went to check the version installed on clients PC(s). It is Office 2007. It was installed on a clean OS and no prior installation of office were installed. In that case i am afraid mike, what could be the problem? It is quite confusing for me now.

    I will check that out today mate. I wish the problem would be so little as you told :)

    cheers guys

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    2010年3月4日 18:22
  • I just checked my WSS 3.0 book where I naturally say "You have the Connect to Outlook option". Not much help there. With Office 2007 and Outlook 2007 installed on new machines with no trace of Office 2003, it ought to be there but if it isn't ...

    But a bit later I have a note "Calendar linking only works if Exchange Server is being used"

    Do you have Exchange ?

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    Complete Book Lists (incl. foreign language) on each site.
    2010年3月5日 5:07
  • Do you have Client Integration enabled for the web application in the authentication provider? Please read for detail.


    Also, check the “Use Client Integration Feature” permission for the user.

    According to Andrew Ash's comment in

    Outlook 2003 can link to SharePoint Calendars and Contact Lists on your new MOSS 2007 server and download read-only copies of that content. Outlook integrates with MOSS servers in exactly the same way as any SharePoint server, so there's no additional limitations over the read-only nature of Outlook 2003's sync'ing feature. Upgrade to Outlook 2007 to get the full 2-way sync experience against MOSS.
    2010年3月10日 3:34