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  • Can someone explain to me in simple terms or point me in the direction of some instructions that can walk me through setting up my wiki site for access internally and externally? Thanks
    2007년 2월 22일 목요일 오후 3:23

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  • Setting up your Wiki site is easy you need to create a web application with the Wiki site template .

    To access the site internally you need to provide the URl of the web site to the users and they can access directly .

    You can also change the url using Alternate Access mappings

    However if you want to access the site exteranlly you need to have a PUblic IP which can be resolved to your sharepoint site . Once that is done Users can access your site using the port 80 or Host header .

    Feel Free to get back to me as i dont know the level of understanding you have on Sharepoint .

    Sharing some good links .

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