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    I have a command line application that makes use of VBA API's of PowerPoint to automate it. There is a use case in which we allow multiple instances of the command line application to run in parallel. Since POWERPNT.exe is a single instance process it serializes all the COM calls and thus the result is same as running all command line applications in serial order (i.e. no benefit of running them in parallel in terms of time). 

    I would like to know if there is any way to start more than 1 POWERPNT.exe so that multiple processes can make COM calls in parallel and they gets served by different POWERPNT.exe. 



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  • Hi Rahul,

    Thank you for posting. 

    I am afraid we can't run multiple instances of Powerpoint. I found an kb article which involves this:

    PowerPoint is a single-session program. CreateObject cannot create a new instance of PowerPoint, if it is already running. This behavior is similar to the Visual Basic GetObject function.

    Hope you can figure out this.

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  • Hi,

    You might want to try this approach suggested by MVP John Wilson - It involves running the 2nd instance under different user credentials.

    Regards, Shyam

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  • Bruce,

    Please explain to me why Microsoft in their infinite wisdom decided to do a single session application? Everyone wants the multiple instances. We use to have that option prior to Office 2007. You don't know how many people I work with who begrudgingly have to extend their window all the way across screens just to fit two power points onto a single parent window. It was SO much easier to work with multiple instances.

    I hope whoever made that decision from a design aspect no longer is making those design decision. Even with Excel I needed a workaround so that I could have multiple Excel instances. Sigh. I never really though Microsoft made bad products, but Office 2007 really makes it hard to defend that premise. I heard you guys corrected this in 2010, but I would have to still wait 4-5 years for that change to happen where I am working.

    I am not alone in this complaint. Is there no way the Office 2007 developers can't make a patch for Power point?


    Frustrated PPT user

    2012年3月21日 19:47
  • Hi Shinta4ever,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    I will help you report your wish about the multiple instances in PowerPoint to our internal portal.

    Besides, would you give us some more links or similar threads about this wish that other users expected? Because, they can add more possibility to make the feature be improved by our engineers.

    Thank you for your suggestions and feedback. Wish you a nice day.

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