SharePoint 2010 Styles for Mini Calendar


  • We have multiple sites utilizing the SP 2007 mini-calendar code embedded in a style sheet.  Since migrating to SP 2010, even though the calendar auto-sizes, it still does not have the same look and feel of the SP2007 mini-calendar.  I have been tasked with getting our mini-calendars so it looks the same as it did in 2007.  I found some code on-line, but after linking a CEWP to a stylesheet uploaded to a Style Library, it does not render the same as SP2007.  I found a website that lists all of the CSS classes in CalendarV4, but I'm not sure what each class affects in the calendar.  Has anyone been able to get their mini-calendars to render the same as the mini-calendar for SP 2007?  Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

    Kathy Dreiling
    mardi 4 janvier 2011 18:06

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