Search pdfs by name


  • In MOSS,I have not installed any pdf ifilters and I have few pdf documents I am unable to search them by name.I dont want to search the documents by what content it has inside the document,I am just trying to search pdf by name do I still need to install anything or can they be searched by default in MOSS?


    mercredi 9 mai 2012 14:08


  • PDF documents can be found by SharePoint by design. You may need to add the file type in the Search settings though, although I do not think it is required if you just want to find the filenames.

    Go to Central Administration, then to the Shared Services Administration Web of the current SSP, go to Search Settings and next to File Type => Add a new file type pdf

    Dirk Van den Berghe

    mercredi 9 mai 2012 14:32