Check out displays on WSS but not on cloud - what gives?


  • Hi All,
    I hope someone can help me and boy, do I wish Microsoft would make things work the way they're supposed to across all platforms.  Forgive me for venting my spleen in that previous sentence.  Anyway, we have an old WSS in-house server that has some sites set up on it.  The first image below shows that after enabling versioning and check in and out, the check out function displays in the column like it should:
    So, then we plan to move permanently to MS Online Services.  I set up a document library similar to the one above.  And wouldn't you know that even with versioning and check in/out turned on, the check out column does not show up:
    So obviously, my question is - how do I make the check out column turn on like the WSS site?  And my bonus question is - why in the world would MS make it this way and, instead, turn on check out as a default and let me (the admin) turn it off it's not needed?
    Thanks in advance - the deaf guy

    Mike Walton
    Monday, January 31, 2011 7:31 PM