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  • Hi,

    I have sp application i am loading listitem properties with File versions using csom, but when try load/get data about File Versions for custom list item(BaseType.GenericList) getting below error

    item.File.Versions.Count' threw an exception of type 'Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.CollectionNotInitializedException'

    below code snippet to File and other properties to load

    ClientContext.Load<ListItem>(listitem, i => i.DisplayName, i => i, i => i.Folder, i => i.Folder.Name, i => i.Folder.ServerRelativeUrl, i => i.File, i => i.File.Versions, i => i.File.CheckedOutByUser, i => i.File.CheckOutType, i => i.File.ServerRelativeUrl,
                        ,i => i.ParentList, i => i.ParentList.Id, i => i.ParentList.DefaultViewUrl, i=>i.ParentList.DefaultDisplayFormUrl, i => i.ParentList.Views, i => i.ParentList.Fields, i => i.ParentList.RootFolder, i => i.ParentList.RootFolder.Name, i => i.ParentList.RootFolder.ServerRelativeUrl, i => i.ParentList.ContentTypes.Include(c => c, c => c.Fields),                                        i => i.ContentType, i => i.ContentType.Fields, i => i.ContentType.Parent, i => i.ContentType.Parent.Id,
                        i => i.ParentList.ParentWeb, i => i.ParentList.ParentWeb.Id, i => i.ParentList.ParentWeb.SiteUsers, i => i.ParentList.ParentWeb.Language, i => i.ParentList.ParentWeb.RegionalSettings.TimeZone,
                        i => i.ParentList.IsApplicationList, i => i.ParentList.IsCatalog, i => i.ParentList.IsPrivate, i => i.ParentList.IsSiteAssetsLibrary, i => i.ParentList.Hidden, i => i.ParentList.BaseTemplate,                    
                        i => i["FileDirRef"],);

    This code works for normal document item (BaseType.DocumentLibrary)

    If anyone having idea on this error please help me.



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    Thursday, November 28, 2019 6:04 AM

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  • Hi ravinalla,

    This is by design action.

    Custom List can't used to store the files in Item Level, so both item.File and item.File.Versions won't return data.

    In SharePoint, the file should be stored in the Document Library, so the code snippet above will work for Document Library, this make sense.

    So for Custom List item, SharePoint CSOM didn't provide VersionsCollection for ListItem object yet, we need to call Lists.asmx to get versions instead, please refer the following demo:

    How To Get All SharePoint List Item Versions Using CSOM For Custom List And Document Library 


    Best Regards

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