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  • Hi! I have created an excel application that can read and write xlsx file using Unity (Client) , Visual Studio (DLL) and openxml (library). I was able to make the program run. But whenever I tried to create a new excel file, Add image etc. invoking these methods: AddImagePart(), AddNewPart(),  AddWorkbookPark() etc. makes me encounter a runtime error having a conflict with System.IO.Packaging. In order to make my program run, I simply disable the functions that will invoke creating new xlsx file, add new image etc.

    Moreover, when I was able to build my app, I was able to read and write the given xlsx file. However, When I tried to build in UWP environment. I encounter two errors: 1. Unable to load advapi32.dll and 2. the reading and writing of xlsx function seems not to work in UWP environment.

    Here are my dev environment details:

    1. Unity 2018.3.10f1

    2. Visual Studio 2017 (Latest version update, UWP and Unity Customize install)

    3. Openxml 2.5.1

    Please advice how to proceed. I tried to google for Openxml support in UWP but no good reference appears.

    Wednesday, September 18, 2019 10:33 AM