The display double-byte question of source compare result in TFS Eclipse plug-in tools RRS feed

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        The TFS Eclipse plug-in tools  can't  display Traditional Chinese of source compare result correctly when source code is  UTF-8 format. and then we try the Big5 format source code, TFS Eclispse plug-in  have the same question.

    (Our OS is default ANSI and Eclipse is set for UTF8 format).


    Reproduce Step:
    1.Install Eclipse
    2.Install TEE
    3.Launch Eclipse Team Explorer connects to TFS
    4.Add a new file and enter some double-byte character
    5.check in file
    6.Edit the same file
    7.Check in the file again
    8.File -> View History -> Compare two version
    9.Can't display double-byte Character correctly.

    the step in Visual Studio Team Explorer and the file compare windows is display double-byte character correctly.

    Thursday, March 8, 2018 4:01 AM