How i can insert a table in access cell


  • Friends i am new to Ms access.

    I have a problem.

    I need to transfer an excel file in access table

    Now i have two problem

    No 1 :

    Their are some merged cells which contain more than 256 charector. it may be 700 or 800 charector.

    Now i want to manually copy that text and paste in Access table.  How i can do it and what setting it needs.

    Problem No 2 :

    In some of the cells in excel file, a table (Ms-Word table) exist.  In some places table is 5 x 4, in some places 10 x 8.  that means size of table is not certain.

    How i can take these tables in access table.  

    Example  :

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    skfdj skj .sf s.jdch  mxcvnsnv;lkj svn.s,djkfks ,dfnksdjf .sdkjfsdkfjmk[aifafns,mfnsd'

    dksjfksdjfk  sd fsdfsfh skdfksdjf.

    Deatils are given below :


    Recorded in SBook (In Days)

    Proper calculation should be (In Days)

    Balance as on 31.12.2007



    Addition for the year  2008  ,   30 days







    (sorry for the text i cant send real text)

    Please help as soon as possible.


    Wednesday, February 06, 2013 5:04 AM

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  • Access does not have cells. 

    Access Memo fields can hold several million characters but you will need to removed the merge.  You can highlight the text (not the cell) and paste one at a time in a field.

    The Ms-Word tables in your cells can be placed into a related table or possibly as an attachment but you did not say what version of Access you are running.

    You would click on External Data, select Excel and link.   Then append into the proper set of related tables.

    Wednesday, February 06, 2013 5:46 AM
  • Thanks Karl,

    I am using Office 2007.

    As per your second part of answer :

    If i use Ms- word table as attachment, it will not suitable for report.  

    Basically my excel file is a report. which contain some text and word-table.  and if i use word-table as attachment then for each table i need to create a separate file to attach. and also it will be difficult to present in Access-Report.

    Further, my word-table is not of same size.  it may be of 3-15 rows and 3 - 9 column with different heading.  So, how i can place it in a table?

    Please suggest me again.


    Wednesday, February 06, 2013 6:49 AM
  • Further, my word-table is not of same size.  it may be of 3-15 rows and 3 - 9 column with different heading.  So, how i can place it in a table?

    You have to create table in Access with the correct field names. Then you can highlight all of the Excel cells, copy, then highlight all the Access field spaces and paste.

    Wednesday, February 06, 2013 6:30 PM
  • Hi, Karl,

    Thanks for your reply.

    Now i am sure i will got my answer with your help.

    In respect of your reply i would like to say that :

    My word table is not structured.  i am attaching a sample as link in google.

     (I am currently unable to insert image here) (it will be my output in report format.  currently I am using word and excel for it) please give a look and read comment given below :

    1. Each Cell have text and some cell have text and table both.

    2.  Size of table in different cells is not same.  Some time it is 2x2, some time 3x3 or some time 3x2, in few cases it also goes up to 10 x10.

    3.  Table headings are different in each table.

    So if i transfer my table contents to an Access table what will be the size of columns.  Let we take 10 column then for a two column table 8 column will be blank which is wastage of space.  

    Kindly suggest 

    By the way Karl i am also trying OLE object for this.  But i am also facing two problem 

    1.  Size of OLE in report is not auto expandable.  so a big table appears in very small area.

    2.  If there is no OLE object, that space became blank in report (in place of starting next row)



    Thursday, February 07, 2013 5:59 AM
  • 1- My word table is not structured     Do you mean it is just a jumble of data?

    2- i am attaching a sample as link in google.    I do not go to unknown web sites.

    3- I am currently unable to insert image here      Same the image as a file and then use the icon on the reply ribbon to insert.

    4- Table headings are different in each table    So make the tables in Access have the same names.

    5- So if i transfer my table contents to an Access table what will be the size of columns.   Make them to required number of fields (columns).

    I suggest you do some more reading about Access and its capabilities.
    Thursday, February 07, 2013 5:49 PM