Chart axis custom number format localization in Excel 2010


  • Hi, 

    I've encountered a very annoying problem while formatting numbers on charts in Excel 2010 using vsto on a french version of Excel (happens on both french and english version of windows).

    I've managed to reproduce the issue with the following steps :

    1) Create a simple chart

    2) Apply a custom format number on the source data for the chart. Here, I used : #,##0.0_);(#,##0.0);"- "_._0_). 

     The picture below describes what happens if you do this manually using the french equivalent of the above code # ##0,0_);(# ##0,0);"- "_._0_) vs with Vba with the english code (VBA does the conversion itself).

    If you look at the number format if the axis in the buggy case, you see #,##0.0_);(#,##0.0);"- "_._0_) . In other words, the code was not converted.


    3) The weirdest part now : if you provoke some kind of redraw on the source range, the number format gets converted to french ! (in the example above, the chart looks as in the left part). We managed to force this conversion by :

    • changing the width of any column on the sheet
    • if the source range is on another sheet, change the width of any column on the source sheet
    • change the font of the source range
    • put a border around the source range
    • cut and paste the chart
    • ...


    Some more details :

    - You can also do this with any kind of number format, so long as it needs to be converted in french, for example "0.0" will result in the same bug.

    - It does not happen if the number format of the axis is not linked with the source data format (seems logic).

    - You can have the same issue with data-labels linked to source data. 


    Is this a known issue? any ideas?

    Any help greatly appreciated.




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  • Hi Julien,

    We are trying to repro the issue right now and we would update as soon as we get some valuable suggestions. Please be patient before that.

    Have good day,

    Calvin Gao[MSFT]
    MSDN Community Support | Feedback to us
    Monday, February 06, 2012 6:28 AM