USB Webcam control + pulling frames with minimal latency RRS feed

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  • I'm not sure where to ask this question. I have a USB camera which uses a generic windows driver, I am interested in having direct control over the webcam and capturing the current scene as quickly as possible(basically I don't want a buffer or streaming, I want to call capture each time).

    Ultimately I want semi-deterministic timing/latency if possible. a variability of 50ms would be OK but anything more than that can cause a problem. 10 FPS would be fine - the FPS is less important than having consistent timing. 

    1. How do access the low level USB camera functions? All the examples using the USB cameras I have seen have many layers of stuff ontop and don't give you the raw image or camera functions.

    2. How do I minimize the capture latency and make it as deterministic as possible? 

    3. Can I get a timestamp for each frame capture? The camera is rolling-shutter but there should still be a way to assign a time when the capture starts or finishes.

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