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  • HI,
    I have created one Discussion List in SharePoint 2007. I have created one Post [ Hello , Please Contribute on RBS] in that list. i have done following steps

    1) I have replied to that Post. say " What is RBS?"
    2) some other persone replied to my reply. So this is reply to reply.

    Post [Hello, Please Contribute on RBS]
    |____Reply from A : [ What is RBS ?]
    |           |
    |           |_____Reply from C: [ RBS is Remote Blob Storage]
    |____Reply From B: [ What is EBS? ]

    I want to out the parent Reply of " Reply C ".  I know using parent folder id we can find out the parent Post.

    But HOw do I find who is the parent of Reply C programatically. Who is the parent in Threaded conversation?

    CAn ayn one help me on this ?


    Thanks, TusharG [There are only 10 types of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who don't]
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  • Hi Tushar Galankar,


    It seems that you want to fetch the reference of parent thread but not parent post one. If my understand is right, actually, here comes the threading attribute. Each reply has a hidden column called “Threading” (there are other columns as well that contains the same data).

    This column stores a chained string that represent the depth of this item in the tree of replies. Each time we add a new reply down the tree, that reply get’s the parent reply’s threading string, appended with some other new string.

    For example, there are a new reply and a sub reply, and below is the  threading attribute of them.

    New reply: 0x01CD9FA9E4875CF38E8DF3004608AF1E8A00DBB19C4F0000064952

    Sub reply:   0x01CD9FA9E4875CF38E8DF3004608AF1E8A00DBB19C4F0000064952000129EE16

    More reference:



    Porter Wang

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