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  • Hi,

    In a publishing site with workflow, we want to add a custom button to "Auto Publish" the current page when the user is a member of the Approvers group without triggering the default workflow.  (In our scenario, we don't want to develop a custom Workflow using SharePoint designer).

    The pseudocode ressemble the "approval process":

    - Validate if the user is a member of the "approvers" group

    - Validate the required fields

    - Publish and approve the item.

    --> If the validation fails, we want the code to return "normally" without raising an Exception (displaying the default "An error occurs" to the end user).

    I already put in place the element.xml file to implement the "CustomAction"...

    To handle the "button click" event, I used the code from a sample found on the web which declares a UserControl (implements IPostBackEventHandler) added to the Ribbon.  Inside the PageLoad, the button is hooked with the server code using the SPRibbonScriptManager class.(

    In the "RaisePostBack" method, my custom code will fit there like a charm....

    But, there seem to be no way to communicate back to the client.  For example, if I validate the required field, I want to get back to the client and display the missing fields....

    Looking at the "PublishCommandHandler", the class inherits from "SPRibbonCommandHandler"...  Inside, there is a way to communicate back with the client "BuildReturnValue", "Set*Message"...

    However, this handler works with "SPPageStateControl" class... This class declares a fixed-length array of handlers which represents the basic publishing handlers...

    So, is there a simple way to implement the behaviour I'm lookinfg for?  


    - Mike

    Wednesday, September 3, 2014 2:24 PM