Microsoft Office Word 97 - 2003 Document not found on Component Services


  • hi all,

    i developed an application using, sql server. at one place im referring Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word.

    its working fine on my developement machine but not working on my server so, look on compare the settings there i fodun one thing

    1. in development machine i run dcomcnfg.exe,  under D Com i can see Microsft Excel and Microsoft Office Word 97 - 2003 Document so, i ran the command dcomcnfg.exe on my server there i can see Micrsoft Excel but i dont see Microsoft Office Word 97 - 2003 Document so, because of this my application not working. 

    But if i open Microsft word from start menu then its opening but the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word refer from my application its not working.

    so, experts please tell me how do i configure Microsoft Office Word 97 - 2003 Document on my server under D Com Component Services

    Thanks In Advance, Jeyaseelan

    Thursday, March 08, 2012 4:06 PM


  • Hi Jeyaseelan,

    Thank you for posting.

    <<But if i open Microsft word from start menu then its opening but the Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word refer from my application its not working.>>

    I am afraid it is not a support scenario which is described in this kb article:

    Microsoft does not currently recommend, and does not support, Automation of Microsoft Office applications from any unattended, non-interactive client application or component (including ASP, ASP.NET, DCOM, and NT Services), because Office may exhibit unstable behavior and/or deadlock when Office is run in this environment.

    And microsoft support other alternative to server side automation, you may need to save the doc file foramt to be docx:

    Alternatives to server-side Automation

    Microsoft strongly recommends that developers find alternatives to Automation of Office if they need to develop server-side solutions. Because of the limitations to Office's design, changes to Office configuration are not enough to resolve all issues. Microsoft strongly recommends a number of alternatives that do not require Office to be installed server-side, and that can perform most common tasks more efficiently and more quickly than Automation. Before you involve Office as a server-side component in your project, consider alternatives.

    Most server-side Automation tasks involve document creation or editing. Office 2007 supports new Open XML file formats that let developers create, edit, read, and transform file content on the server side. These file formats use the System.IO.Package.IO namespace in the Microsoft .NET 3.x Framework to edit Office files without using the Office client applications themselves. This is the recommended and supported method for handling changes to Office files from a service.

    The Open XML file formats are a public standard. To obtain a copy of the specification, visit the following Web site:

    Hope this can give you some hint.

    Best Regards,

    Bruce Song [MSFT]
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