Issues using RSS Feed Viewer Web Part with a List of RSS Feeds using Sharepoint 2007


  • Hey;

    I am having a problem with connecting a rss feed viewer web part with
    a list of rss feeds in using Sharepoint 2007.

    Initially I created a List called "RSS Feed List" and added a URL
    column to store the RSS URL. Then I created a new view called "Select
    Feed" which only contained the URL.

    After adding in the RSS URLs, I added a "RSS Feed Viewer" Web Part to
    a page and then also added the "RSS Feed List". The "RSS Feed List"
    then was set to use the view "Select Feed" in the webpart.

    Using the connections option in the Edit drop down menu for the "RSS
    Feed Viewer", I was given the option to use the following four
    - Get Feed Parameter From
    - Get Feed URL From
    - Get Parameters From
    - Get Filter Values From

    I used the "Get Feed URL From". Here I had the only option of using
    the "Select Feed" view which I choose and then I prompted with a
    Webpage Dialog box showing a dropdown menu for the URL column in
    "Select Feed". I choose the column and clicked finish.

    After this was complete the "RSS Feed List" showed radio buttons.
    But, the "RSS Feed Viewer" stated the following in the Web Part.
    "Web part is not bound to a feed. Open the tool pane to set the feed
    Even when I clicked on the radio buttons in the Feed List it would not
    change the Feed Viewer.

    I have added a rss url to the "RSS Feed Viewer" but I want to be able to
    dynamically choose the rss url.

    And this is a built-in Sharepoint 2007 webpart (out of the box)

    I anyone can help me figure what I am doing wrong or if what I am
    looking to do is even possible. Thanks in advances!
    Tuesday, February 27, 2007 6:32 PM

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