How to calculate the "Deviation of the beginning" for the "Basic plan 1"? RRS feed

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  • I created a project.
    I kept the “Basic Plan” (Option-1).
    I filled in "Actual Start" ("Actual Start"> "Start").
    I got the "Deviation of the Beginning".

    I saved the "Basic Plan 1".
    1. How to get “Start Deviation” for “Basic Plan 1”?

    2. Or do I need to use different logic?
    Logic Example:
    2. 1. The "Start Deviation" field is calculated only for the "Basic Plan".
    For "Baseline 1", the "Start Deviatio"n field is not calculated.
    2. 2. To work with additional everyday plans, I have to
    copy the "Basic Plan" to the "Basic Plan 1".
    3. Create a new “Basic Plan”.
    If there is a need, I can copy the "Basic plan" from “Basic plan 1” to “Basic plan” and continue working.

    1. How to get “Start Deviation” for “Basic Plan 1”?
    2. Or do I need to use the logic described in paragraph 2.?
    Saturday, December 14, 2019 11:03 PM


  • prog1003,

    Your terminology is rather confusing. I assume by "start deviation" you men the Start Variance field.

    It is also not clear what you mean by "basic plan" and "basic plan 1".

    However, the Start Variance field will track the baseline you have selected for earned value reporting. By default it is Baseline but you can change it to any of the 10 other baselines via File > Options > Advanced group > "Baseline for earned value calculation".

    Hope this helps.


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