Is there a limit to how many members there are in a distribution group when calling DistributionGroup BeginGetAllMembers and BeginExpand?


  • I've recently tried using both the BeginGetAllMembers and BeginExpand methods of the DistributionGroup and they work fine when the distribution group had around 90 members.  However, they both fail when I try a group with over 200 members.  I get an error in the End methods for each coming from 'Microsoft.Lync.Model.Internal.CBWBase.BlockUntilDone()'.  I increased the MaxGroupSizeToExpand on the Lync server and that didn't help(  I was wondering if the API has the same limitations as the server itself in that 150 is the limit for a group.  I've been trying to use these methods to get all users in our company at once.  Instead, as a temporary fix, I call the LyncClient.ContactManager.BeginSearch method for each letter in the alphabet to get them all.
    Thursday, March 31, 2011 12:59 PM