Sharepoint Designer Workflows Errors


  • Hi everyone,

    I've created a Sharepoint linked Infopath form. Users will submit the form on Sharepoint, and they automatically receive an email through Sharepoint Designer 2010 asking them for additional information using the "collect data from a user" workflow function. While I'm able to view the collected data by clicking on the link in the sharepoint, I'd like it to populate the variable from the "collect data from a user" workflow into a new column on sharepoint that matches with the original infopath form they submitted.  

    I can't seem to get this to work using the new column function and the collected variable from above as the source. Is there a certain setting I should put the variable from the "collect data from user to" (string, boolean, etc). If anyone could assist me with this by walking through all of the steps for creating a new column from a collected variable it would be much appreciated, and perhaps I could give you a small gift. 



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