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  • Hi,

      I am having some basic SharePoint scenario based question. Can anyone please answer it with best available approaches.

    1) I am having a SharePoint list which contains millions of items. I want to access the items. What is the best way to achieve it. If we can access through server/client object model, how to access it without affecting the performance. Do we have any other way without using object model. The most concern point is without affecting the performance.

    2) I have one application that is generating 500mb video file daily. I want to upload this file to our SharePoint system automatically and it should be viewable by user daily. If the file not available with respect to date, it should be alerted. If the file is available then how to upload it without affecting the performance. Can we include this file in SharePoint database or other database server.. If yes , why?. And also how to view the video in SharePoint site?

    3) I would like share the content types from one site collection to other site collection without using content type hub? How many ways we can share the content types from one site collection to other site collection?

    4) I am having SharePoint 2010 site. I want to access the site details from SharePoint 2013 site. How to achieve it?

    5) The user is reporting that SharePoint site is not accessible. How to troubleshoot why the site is not accessible?

    6) When the user is trying to create a site, some of the features should be activated, master pages should be applied etc..How to achieve it?

    7) What are the databases are created when SharePoint is install in farm?

    8) What are the ways we can implement to restrict the user if uploading the file size is greater than 2mb in libraries?

    9) What are the ways we can create breadcrumb,navigation control in SharePoint?

    10) I've created a site collection and added some custom pages in SharePoint. The user is trying to view the site in mobile and they're reporting that it looks in desktop view. They want to view like mobile view. Do I need to create the separate page for mobile. If yes, how can we redirect the page to mobile page when it is viewing in mobile? Need a proper solution to view the custom SharePoint pages in mobile.

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    Tuesday, November 19, 2013 6:19 AM


  • Lots of's my best effort:

    2) You definitely would want to do remote BLOB storage for these large files. To view the video in SharePoint, there are multiple ways. These easiest is probably to just get the URL/location of the file and embed it in a page. Another option is to upload them to the Site Assets library. If it is an mp4, it will create a pretty cool video page.

    3) I believe content type hub is the only way to accomplish this.

    5) I'd first ask what error they are receiving. Is it a permissions issue maybe? In general, ask for screen shots from users.

    6) SharePoint has some default templates. Most of the time, you'll probably want to use Team Site. In the site settings you can then manage the features of the site to enable more. Note that some require them to be activated at a site collection level also. Alternatively, you can create your own site templates for repeated use.

    8) 2MB is pretty small. You can throttle libraries and also set your maximum upload size, but I believe that's farm-wide, not a specific library.

    9) Since you're using 2010, the breadcrumbs are already there. It is in the top left with the folder icon. These are removed in SharePoint 2013 :(

    Andy Wessendorf SharePoint Developer II | Rackspace

    Tuesday, November 19, 2013 2:41 PM