Populate other combo or text box's on form, based on the first combo box selection, in access 2010


  • Ok, I can Program VB and such, but access is strange to me. I Created a table for keeping track of job contacts, etc. Then I created a form to make data entry simple. I noticed that some of these contacts (Companies) were redundant (address, phone, etc) so I created a second table of with the company gen data. On the form, I made a combo box that will access the company table and allow me to select the company name. Now I want the address, tel number etc to auto fill in based on the company name selection. I have tried everything I found on the internet and this website and it doesnt work. I also tried the trick of combo1.column2 and that doesnt work. I tried it in VBA also, and it can never find that item. I did select all the fields in combo1 so I just dont understand why it wont work.

     I need help, and I need it in basic step by step explanation, where I can follow what Im supposed to do. Its a pitty that I can create a database in VB, but cant get this simple excel program to do basic things i need. Thanks in advance for your patience with this access newbe !

    Friday, May 13, 2011 1:11 AM


  • Below is a KB article that demonstrates a simple example.  It's not clear from your post whether you want to save the address, tel number, etc. or just display them on the form.  The KB article takes the first approach.  If you just want to display but not save the address field then you can just set the control source property for the textbox equal to the column value (e.g. "=[cboNames].column(1)").  If you need to deal with null values then you can use the Nz function.

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