Why do I get this security warning?


  • Using Access 2007 on WinXP.

    When I open a DB that I created, I get the following security warning.  Why?

    More to the point, how can I avoid it?

    I created the DB from scratch, importing data from Excel, then adding a query.  All files are stored on my local computer, including the Access program itself.

    In the Trust Center, I do have the option "disable macros with notification" set.  But the DB does not include any macros -- at least, none that I know about.  (And when I go to VBA, I do not see any macros.)

    Obviously, I can simply select "enable this content" and continue.  But the security warning is a nuisance.

    I tried making an innocuous change and re-saving the DB, to no avail.

    Aha!  The warning goes away if I set either of the options "disable all macros except digitally signed" or "enable all macros".  But that is not my style.

    In any case, that does seem to be the culprit.  [EDIT] Well, duh!  I just noticed "VBA Macro" near the top of the security warning.

    Are there really macros in my DB that I did not create?  If so, where are they; why don't I see them in Project Explorer?  More importantly, can I delete them?  If so, how?  (Since I cannot see them now.  Klunk!)

    Or is this just a fluke ("defect") of Access 2007 that I have to put up with?

    Oh!  Is the query considered (perhaps even implemented as) a macro?  Is that what causes the warning, given my macro security setting?

    The security warning persists even after I delete the query, exit Access, and re-open the DB.

    It is odd that after I deleted the query, I did not get a "save changes or not?" prompt when I exited Access.  Yet the query is indeed gone when I re-open the DB.

    Anyway, is there something more I should do (should have done) when I deleted the query?

    (Note:  Deleting the query is just a troubleshooting exercise.  So if that is necessary to avoid the security warning, it is not a viable remedy for me.)

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